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The Honorable Lady Avalon De Luneshae
The Honorable Lady
Avalon De Luneshae

Avalon was born to Lady Elsbette of Montmerency Court en France and an untitled fabric merchant of English name. Shamed by the pregnancy to a man beneath her ladyship, and of the bastard babe growing within, Elsbette was thrown out of the court and stripped of her unlanded title. The trader, Robert, agreed to wed lovely Elsbette, and remained at Luneville for the impending birth of his child. Avalon was born strong and healthy, but her mother struggled with ravages of a fever, and complications of the birth. Robert returned to England, to await the arrival of his new wife and child, leaving Elsbette's fair dowry to support the little family in his stead. Sadly, word arrived months later that his lady Elsbette had succomed in the throes of fever, after a last attempt to bleed the illness from her system. The nursemaid and little Avalon, just three years old, set forth with the last of the money to book passage to England.

The child grasped English quickly, but kept the lilt of the French taught by her nursemaid and mother. She was wilful but bright, and raised as a merchant's daughter, she learned not only the weave and weft of the fabric trade, but also grew with attention to the track of numbers. Under her father's tutelage, she became a focused businesskeep, as fascinated by the movement of currency as she was by the elegant and exotic fabrics they traded.

Avalon led a quiet life through her teens, but peaked her father's caution when she agreed to be courted by Lord Corwin, a man of questionable reputation. What Corwin gained in fine clothing from the arrangement, Avalon gained in love.

Since Lord Corwin is oft away, overseeing "acquisitions" and other "business," Avalon handles all the books, so to speak, at House ArgentLupe, which, thanks to shrewd business, has become a very prosperous Keep on the shores of England.

Avalon bears a passion for fabrics, and loves to dress well, a gift from both parents. Corwin indulges her. While she is quite satisfied with her life and role at ArgentLupe, she very much desires to visit her mother's homeland once more.

Perhaps, one day, she will.

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