ArgentLupe Head Shot

“Tourneys may make men kings, but melees make men gods…”
- Corwin of ArgentLupe

While we have a few members who enjoy the one-on-one prowess of a tourney bout, ArgentLupe’s specialty is melee combat. ArgentLupe’s weapons styles are varied, and while most are authorized in several styles, each member definitely has a favored form.

  • Lord Corwin of ArgentLupe: Polearm
  • Angus MacGregor, House Champion (HC2): Greatsword
  • Lord Krey MacLeod (HC1): Madu
  • Lord Barktooth of the Short Beard (HC1): Sword and Shield
  • Walgrim Von Kirchhoff: Greatsword
  • Lord Christian D’Elegante: Florentine (2-sword)
  • Liam MacLeod: Florentine
  • Garrick Vormund: Spear
  • Lady Alanna O’Keefe: Combat Archery
  • Lord Enoch MacBain: Sword and Shield
  • Allister Castlerotto: Greatsword
  • Hamish MacGregor: Sword and Shield
  • Marcus Gothicus: Sword and Shield
  • Giovanni de Grandiose: Sword and Shield

If you are in the area and are looking for sparring partners, get in touch! Contact Corwin.

But there couldn’t be a battle without our waterbearing unit: ArgentLupe’s Pit Crew is kingdom-renowned! When they’re not out kicking butt for House and for Kingdom, we’re there, stripping armor, giving refreshment, or offering a cool water spray. 

So, what is waterbearing? Beyond the physical exertion of a battle, the fighters are encased in armor, and are toting heavy weapons and shields. They can get dehydrated and overheated if they don’t get help. During battles, there is the occasional call of “waterbearers in!” The fighting stops, and that’s when the waterbearers get out there and give fresh water or Gatorade to the troops. Sometimes fighters need to come off the field, and a waterbearer needs to know how (and when) to help. The ArgentLupe waterbearers know our fighters’ armor, and can get it on or off in a hurry.  (Duct tape is our friend.) We do our very best to serve our Kingdom well, and keep those fighters healthy and ready for battle.

A few ladies on the ArgentLupe Pit Crew:

We’re happy to train new waterbearers. Contact Avalon for more information.